Does Fibromyalgia Make Neck Pain Worse?

Neck pain is worrisome to most, if not all, who experience it. If you have fibromyalgia, your neck aches are possibly on a different pain level. It can even be at the top of your list. The good thing is that there are numerous ways to achieve temporary relief. Should you prefer to work with an upper cervical chiropractor Lakeland has a well-trained professional who can help you out.

Before discussing the various ways to achieve relief from neck pain, let us review a few factors for fibromyalgia and neck pain.

Fibromyalgia and Neck Pain – Not A Great Combination

Fibromyalgia is an invasive pain condition. It can potentially overwhelm a person when multiple parts of the body, including the neck, start screaming in pain. Neck pain often comes from sprained muscles, misaligned bones, trauma, and even stress.

Fibromyalgia does not partner well with the neck because this section moves a lot. Doing so not only triggers but also intensifies the pain factor. But, wouldn't you want to find the most comfortable position when you are in pain? Wanting to do so is a typical action. To achieve this incurs movement, but doing so sets off fibromyalgia.

3 Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

Medical experts are still uncertain about the primary causes of fibromyalgia. Neck pain, on the other hand, has many triggers. Those dealing with these conditions know that the sooner they find relief, the better their lives will become. Every upper cervical chiropractor in Lakeland recommends these three simple steps you can do to handle the pain.

  1. Stay active. 

Some might think this is counterintuitive, especially when we were talking about how movements trigger pain. However, staying still is the worst thing you can do when you have fibromyalgia. Keeping the same position for a long time causes muscle strain and pinched nerves. Those are two things you don't want to add to your list of aches.

So how can you work through the pain? By taking simple steps and making small moves. No need for the grand gestures here that will automatically bog you down. There are fantastic pedestrian walkways where you can go for a stroll. The important thing is you need to pay attention to your body. Push your boundaries a little bit more and check the pain level. If you still can, go for it. If your body wants to take a rest, then do so.

Staying active keeps your muscles limber and your heart pumping. It also elevates your mood, which helps chase away the blues that often accompany high-pain conditions.

  1. Manage your stress levels.

People might have told you to do this so often you have lost count. In your mind, you probably developed an auto-response that is similar to this feat, which is easier said than done. The thing is, both points are correct. Still, do not let that stop you from getting your stress out of hand.

High-stress levels cause muscle tension, particularly in the neck and head areas. When this happens, they can end up squeezing surrounding components like the nerves and tissues. A likely result is more pain, especially in the case of pinched nerves. Muscle tension can adversely affect the transmission of signals to the brain and the rest of the body.

Lowering your stress levels will help reduce instances of muscle tension and help you stay more relaxed. According to our upper cervical chiropractor Lakeland residents should try and make an effort since this stress management brings about many positive outcomes.

  1. Get upper cervical chiropractic care.

Sometimes people don't pay attention to the neck region until it starts becoming painful. The good thing is that chiropractors, particularly those trained in upper cervical care, pay attention, especially when misaligned bones and discs instigate pain issues.

It does not take a traumatic event for a misalignment to happen. Simple tumbles and falls can have far-reaching effects that nudge bones off their sockets. When this happens, bones can move closer to each other and create friction that sets off pain signals in the neck area. On top of this, misaligned bones can result in narrower pathways that can impede blood vessels and nerves' movement.

Chiropractic professionals can address such issues and help alleviate the pain.

Natural Fibromyalgia Care in Lakeland, Florida

If you are looking into getting care from an upper cervical chiropractor in Lakeland, schedule an appointment with Dr. Debra Pavlovic here at Atlas Wellness of Lakeland. She is a licensed chiropractic professional in Florida. Dr. Pavlovic ensures that she has all the needed information before developing a customized approach to address misalignment issues. She checks the results of all the imaging tests to see where the problem areas are clear.

Dr. Pavlovic approaches alignment concerns with gentleness and precision. She firmly believes that restoring symmetry aids the body in combating issues that lead to pain. Ensuring the channels that link the brain to the rest of the body are optimal, accomplishing critical functions and processes is now possible without any issues.

Would you want to know how you can naturally achieve relief from your body aches? Then go ahead and set an appointment with Dr. Pavlovic. Prepare your questions and be ready to have them answered during your initial session. Whatever you decide to do, you will undoubtedly learn many useful things in coping with your situation.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Pavlovic, call our Lakeland office at (863) 393-4169. You can also click the button below.

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