Top 8 Surprisingly Simple Migraine Relief Options

Migraines can take out the fun in life, especially if it frequently bothers you. Fortunately, nowadays, you can tap into some simple and natural remedies to cope with your attacks. As a trusted chiropractor for migraine in Lakeland, FL, Dr. Debra Pavlovic thought of listing the top 8 suggestions for relieving your debilitating symptoms. Check out these options and see which one would best suit your situation. 

#1. Avoid or manage your migraine triggers 

One of the best ways to cope with migraines is to prevent the onset of worsening symptoms. To do that, you will need to take note of your triggers.

Migraine triggers tend to vary from one person to another. She recommends keeping a migraine diary so you can track accurately the factors that stimulate an attack. Some common examples include:

#2. Use ice therapy

When an episode starts, you can gently place a cold compress on your head and neck. If you don’t have an ice pack, you can use frozen vegetable packs as an alternative.

Make sure to wrap it around a towel so you don’t suffer from an ice burn. Essentially, the ice relaxes the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, helping you alleviate the pain.  

#3. Never skip your meals 

Starvation causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Consequently, this worsens your headaches as the brain fails to get enough nourishment and energy supply. It can also trigger fluctuations in your insulin and glucagon hormones, which regulate how much carbohydrate your body breaks down for fuel use.

Before you try fasting or any extreme weight loss diet, make sure to consult with your dietician or nutritionist so you can avoid problems such as severe bouts of migraines.  

#4. Mind your caffeine consumption

Did you know that the average American drinks about 400 mg of caffeine a day? While caffeine can provide you with some benefits, it could have varying effects on your migraine attacks. Notably, some migraineurs react adversely to caffeine intake. Others, on one hand, find caffeinated beverages helpful in curbing the severity of their symptoms.

As a result, our chiropractor for migraine in Lakeland, FL, highly advises you to note how caffeine impacts your migraine attacks. If you experience lesser symptoms when you drink coffee, it may be a good idea to stick to that routine. Conversely, if you get worse headaches, you should reduce or eliminate caffeine from your system. 

#5. Find better stress coping mechanisms

Stress can exacerbate a long of health problems, including migraine headaches. Events like a family member's death, relocating to a new house, or unemployment can cause stress. If you have such issues, Dr. Pavlovic recommends trying a few stress management tactics, including:

#6. Make sure you get more restorative sleep 

Restorative sleep helps you maintain better health. It also plays a pivotal role in keeping your migraines at bay. As much as possible, you should aim to sleep for at least 7 hours a day. This way, your brain can reach deep sleep and the REM phase, which helps you recover from headaches and other health problems. It will also restore your vitality and make you feel more energized if you get enough sleep.

#7. Work on any vitamin deficiencies 

According to a study, a lack of vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, coenzyme Q10, and vitamin D can trigger a migraine attack. Other studies also include magnesium deficiency as a contributing factor to the onset of a migraine episode.

If you suspect vitamin deficiencies, you should consult with your physician to determine your best options. See to it that you only take food supplements that your body needs. Overdosing or taking too many supplements will do you more harm than good. 

#8. Seek a chiropractor for migraine in Lakeland, FL 

The last remedy on her list for migraine relief is going to a chiropractor for migraine in Lakeland, FL. It’s a lasting remedy that aims to address neck misalignment. Case studies show that migraine attacks tend to come hand in hand with a neck misalignment. That’s because the shifted neck bones tend to press on the brainstem, nerves, and tissues.

When this happens, your brain has a hard time communicating with the rest of the body. Moreover, an irritated brainstem affects various body processes, such as regulating your sleep cycle and digesting food. 

Thankfully, upper cervical care chiropractic can help with this problem. Through series of gentle neck bone adjustments, your body can slowly heal itself. It also restores your brain’s communication pathway, eases your neck pain, and improves the flow of fluids like blood and cerebrospinal fluid to and from your head. The faster you get your neck bones restored to their former alignment, the better improvements you see with your migraine symptoms.  

Here at Atlas Wellness of Lakeland, you can work with a dedicated chiropractor for migraine in Lakeland, FL. Dr. Pavlovic carefully studies each case to ensure that she provides customized adjustments that deliver the most desirable results.

No matter how long you have been experiencing your symptoms or attacks, she can help you seek lasting relief. Give our office a call at 863-393-4169 or send us a message online if you wish to know more about a leading-edge approach to resolving migraine and its associated symptoms. 

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