10 Most Likely Causes of Your Chronic Back Pain

Hundreds of patients visit a Lakeland, FL upper cervical chiropractor in hopes of ending their back pain nightmare. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know what caused their symptom in their first place. And because they’re not sure what caused their pain, it’s challenging to find a natural remedy that works.

If you’re part of this group, our list of top 10 possible causes of back pain below can help you narrow down the main reason for your condition. Let’s deep dive into the discussion! 

1. Disc Degeneration

Over time, the discs or the cushioning material found in between each vertebral bone degenerates. It can also deteriorate fast when you get injured because it doesn’t get enough blood supply for nourishment and repair. When they’re no longer as robust or healthy as before, you can suffer from back pain that ranges from nagging to completely incapacitating.  

2. Herniated or Ruptured Discs

Besides getting exposed to everyday wear and tear, your vertebral discs are also at risk of getting herniated or ruptured. When this happens, the jelly-like material inside the discs ends up leaking into the nearby tissues like your spinal cord and nerves. This results in severe back pain that could last for several days. 

3. Muscle Strain

Muscle strain can result from various activities, including physical overexertion or maintaining poor posture when you lift objects. You may experience intense backaches or muscle spasms, especially along the lower part of your back. 

4. Ligament Sprain

The spine has several features besides your bones. One example is the connective tissue called ligament, which attaches each adjoining vertebral bone. Like any other component of your spine, your ligaments can also suffer from wear and tear, especially when you get injured. When this happens, they fail to provide ample support to your spine, causing you pain every time you move or twist your body. 

5. Sciatica

Sciatica is another popular reason why patients go to a Lakeland, FL upper cervical chiropractor. This specific condition stems from the compression or pinching of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower portion of the back down to the toes. You can quickly tell if you have sciatica based on the characteristic of your condition. If your pain originates from your lower back and radiates towards your lower limbs, you most likely have sciatica. Most of the time, this only occurs on one side of the body. However, if you have bilateral sciatica, the pain affects both sides of your lower body. 

6. Fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia is a whole-body pain disorder that causes your body to perceive touch stimuli or pain worse than an average person. This means that even the lightest tap on your shoulder from a family or friend can cause you serious discomfort. It also causes muscle spasms and soreness, specifically on the back and neck. 

7. Spondylolisthesis

When your vertebral bone slipes away from its neutral position, it puts pressure on the nearby tissues and nerve roots. If you have spondylolisthesis, you might experience symptoms such as leg spasms or back stiffness. You might notice worse symptoms when you bend forward or stand for long hours.  

8. Radiculopathy

Radiculopathy, otherwise known as nerve root compression or irritation, can affect various parts of your body. Some patients complain of pain or tingling on their foot because they have nerve compression on the nerve roots found along their lower back. Others complain about shoulder numbness because the irritated or compressed nerve roots are located on their neck. Diagnosis of this condition often includes physical examination and digital imaging tests to assess the vertebral bones' position. 

9. Spinal Stenosis

Aging often triggers vertebral bone problems such as spinal stenosis. However, it can also stem from a herniated disc, spinal or neck trauma, and spinal tumor. Unlike the conditions described above, spinal stenosis doesn’t involve misaligned vertebrae. Instead, it occurs when the spinal canal where the spinal cord passes through tightens. It causes difficulty in walking correctly and urinary incontinence. 

10. Injury or trauma to your neck 

A large fraction of patients see results from their condition after seeing a Lakeland, FL upper cervical chiropractor. Most of them had a previous neck trauma or injury. Notably, the other causes of back pain listed above tend to arise from neck trauma or injury. Sometimes, it takes years before the symptoms become evident. If you have a history of an accident from a vehicular collision or other events, you should seek upper cervical chiropractic to ease your back pain and other symptoms.

Our Lakeland, FL Upper Cervical Chiropractor Can Provide Back Pain Relief

Experiencing chronic pain because of the conditions listed above could prevent you from enjoying a happy and comfortable life.

Whatever the reason for your back pain is, there are many steps you can take to recover from back pain. You can apply some lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, exercise, quitting smoking, and staying well-hydrated. These natural remedies, combined with a solution that addresses the root cause of the problem, will be ideal for achieving beyond temporary relief. We can get to the root of your back pain with upper cervical chiropractic care. 

Your spine is connected by a network of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. It moves, functions, and compensates based on what happens elsewhere along its structure. At the top of the neck lies a vertebra called the atlas. The atlas is unique from the rest of the bones in the spine as it does a critical job – it supports the head's weight and allows your head to move in various directions.  

When the atlas misaligns, it can result in major issues for the rest of your back.  When the head's weight becomes too heavy for the spine, it leads to compensations that can cause muscle strain, spasms, and increased pressure on discs, joints, and nerves.If you're ready to try seeking help from our Lakeland, FL upper cervical chiropractor, you can contact us at Atlas Wellness of Lakeland at 863-393-4169. You may also send us a message online if you have questions about the procedure.

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